Art Director: Roy Torres
Director: Martin Granger | Moxie Pictures
Editors: Aaron Langley, Tom Scherma | Cosmo Street Editorial

For more than two decades, car crashes have been the number one killer of 15-20 year olds. The thing is, teen passengers would rather die, than be seen as a wet blanket by their friends. So, we developed a campaign to give them the courage to say what's on their minds.

The message was simple: If your friend is driving recklessly, say something.

Since the February 25th launch date, the YRDP campaign has received nationwide publicity across news and entertainment sources, websites and blogs. The Rob Riggle TV spot, "Horse" received 42,000 hits on YouTube within the first week. After a month, the campaign and its related press received over 22 million web impressions, with notable mentions on the Huffington Post, SADDs Febuary Newsletter, and Comedy Central.