Airheads Candy “Bigger Air. Bigger Games.”

In 2020, Airheads wanted to revamp what the brand stood for: to inspire the world to play more by gamifying everyday moments. We brought this playful mission to life with the campaign "Bigger Air. Bigger Games." which demonstrates what happens to a dull moment when Airheads comes into play. The more you eat, the bigger and more intense the game gets.

We partnered with Park Pictures and director-duo Terri Timely to bring the concept to life.

The campaign aired on national television and online TV networks like MTV, FX and Cartoon Network, as well as preroll on Youtube, Hulu, Instagram and Facebook social channels.

Creative Director: Roy Torres
Director: Terry Timely | Park Pictures
VFX: ArtJail
Editor: Aaron Langley | Cosmo Street Editorial
Colorist: Billy Gabor | Company3