Snapchat Augmented Games by Airheads

Using digital painting and augmented reality, Airheads partnered with Snapchat to convert everyday objects into real-life playable games.

How it works:

Take a photo of a building and that building instantly turns into a game of “building Jenga”.

See a colorful wall? Let’s play Paint by Numbers.

Users could also try out the Skeeball Lens, which was accessible through SnapAds and outdoor ads that redirected users to a virtual arcade.

Reimagining Twitch with Airheads

We created a branded extension on Twitch that allowed users to interact and vote on ways to reimagine how gamers play during a 2-hour livestream. That’s right...a game within a game. 🤯️

How it works:

During a live stream, spectators were prompted with a series of questions (or dares) they would vote on that would alter the game play in real time. The questions allowed viewers to be part of the game in play, rather than just be a spectator.