States United To Prevent Gun Violence: Gun Crazy, World Premier Movie

32,000 Americans die from gun violence every year. Despite that, we live in a culture that glorifies guns. To change the way people look at guns and gun violence, we created a gun filled movie. But the movie was way different from what people were expecting.

We invited self-professed action movie lovers to a screening of a film Gun Crazy, which was billed as the latest big-budget blockbuster. But when they got into the theater, with hidden cameras rolling, they were sickened to see real footage of gun violence, including unintentional shootings, suicides, incidents of domestic violence and homicides.

The message, revealed on screen at the end of the video, is this: "We need to change the way we look at guns. We would be crazy not to."

  • After seeing Gun Crazy, 94% of viewers changed the way they look at guns.
  • 72m media and social media impressions in the two weeks post-launch.
  • $924,000 in free media.
  • Cannes Lions 2016: 1 Silver, 3 Bronzes.