Instagram Adventures for Land Rover

Land Rover fans can enjoy two fictional, audio-visual adventure stories by searching the adventures on Instagram. The first story, viewable at @SolitudeInSawtooth, follows the outdoor journey of a young couple as they explore Sawtooth National Forest in Idaho. Similarly, @BrotherhoodOfWonderstone follows two brothers as they embark on an expedition through Kanab, Utah. In each story, gorgeous landscape photos are seamlessly stitched together to form day-into-night panoseries (similar to panorama but with multiple photos represented) scenes.

Users can tap various tiles within each panoseries to view videos that progress the story, showcase technical off-roading knowledge (like how properly ford a river) and learn unique survival tips, such as how to turn a leaf into a compass, or how to treat a wound in the wild. Professional survivalists were on set at the shoot to ensure that all demonstrations were accurate and authentic. In both journeys there are hundreds of tiles to interact with, and 20-30 films per adventure.

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Creative Director: Roy Torres
Director: Rúnar Ingi | Caviar
Editor: Colin Woods | Caviar Post

Adventure #1: @solitudeinsawtooth

Adventure #2: @brotherhoodofwonderstone