Project Chimps: Sanctuary Maps
Project Chimps is a 236-acre chimpanzee sanctuary in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia. Their mission is to provide lifelong care to chimps retired from research. Today, they are home to 59 chimpanzees, and are working to bring more than 150 to permanent sanctuary. The aim is to give these chimps a forever home: a place they can flourish and receive the care they need to survive.

Since the chimps at the sanctuary range in age, from eight-years-old to 34, their new lives, while welcome, may look vastly different from chimp to chimp.

The campaign is a series of illustrated maps, showing three possible perceptions of the sanctuary. For younger chimps, it’s seen as a kind of Disneyland, where it’s all about play. For the older chimps it’s a lux retirement community, filled with the kind of low-key activities a senior chimp would appreciate. For chimps that have never been able to be outside, it's a wooded wonderland.

Campaign Live, 5/16/19: Project Chimps showcases sanctuary through eyes of inhabitants with adventure maps

Creative Director: Roy Torres