SMC3 “Moments in Time” —  A digital experience that let’s time tell the story.

In 2020, SMC3 —  a leading data, tech, and solutions company in the freight industry — needed to communicate how far they’ve come and their willingness to go where no other logistics company had gone before. They needed to communicate their tech forward thinking in the industry, and within their own four walls. So after 80 years, they set out to build a new corporate headquarters from the ground up, instilling the very same values that helped build the success of their company.

Moments in Time is an experience that let’s the numbers tell the story. Their 80 years in the industry made it clear that they had a rich past and a lot of stories to tell, all associated with dates, mileage, numbers and technology. Using a standard numerical clock, we wanted to let time do the talking. The idea was simple: a clock that triggered factoids.

Hundreds of factoids were created, then individually presented by an association to the numbers on the clock.

The experience lives in their new lobby, spanning 10 seamless high definition 4k screens. And since history is always being written, the development allows for future factoids to be created and presented through a unique content management system.

Executive Producer: Roy Torres
Creative: Roy Torres
Production Company: Rare Volume