“The Transporters” | One Show Shortlist

In 2021, Stella & Chewy’s reimbursed all senior pet adoption fees for the entire month of November in celebration of National Adopt a Senior Pet Month.

Although animal shelters do everything they can to save a pet's life, over 1.5 million pets still get euthanized each year because they simply have no other place to go. Senior pets are the first. This is the story of one man with a plane, and the endless pursuit to rescue all of them.

Creative Director: Roy Torres
Director: Blake Williams | Proper Medium
Director of Photography: Brock Hanson | Proper Medium
Editors Andrew Swinney, Blake Williams

Halloween Horrors

To us humans, a deliveryman is just a man delivering. A doorbell is just a sound that lets us know said deliveryman has just done his job. A vacuum is a machine to clean and a bath tub is just a tub to bathe in. But to pets, these things are scary, unexplainable hauntings that raise the hairs on their neck daily. A natural raw reaction to their feelings.

Getting into raw pet food and understanding the benefits of raw can be challenging, especially in a booming category with hundreds of competitors. We broke down the complications of pet food in a fun & engaging way that consumers could easily understand.

Creative Director: Roy Torres
Illustrator: Nache Ramos

Creative Director: Roy Torres
Animation: Fern

Creative Director: Roy Torres
Editor: Blake Williams | Proper Medium

Over 20 million pets travel during the holiday season. To remind pet parents to travel with their pets, rather than board them, we created a blog with tips & tricks on traveling safely. However you travel, travel safely 🐾🚗✈️

Though the company has been around since 2003, its internal mission had been forgotten. To relaunch a reinvented internal mission, vision and values ethos, our creative department designed and produced an oversized offset newspaper print that echoed our core new internal message; a pet's love is raw. To reiterate that raw messiness, the ink on the newspaper would get on your hands.

The integrated campaign launched for all 500+ employees consisting of a manifesto film, an oversized offset newspaper print, pins, stickers, t-shirts, totes, digital files for all employees to use such as desktop screen savers, zoom backgrounds and iPhones screen savers.