UNICEF: Hiding Furniture
No one wants to live in a world where children need to hide from violence, so to grab attention we created a social experiment that offered hiding as an answer. We designed a children’s bunkbed with a disturbing secret hatch for kids to escape abuse and called it hiding furniture. The idea was to shock people with a solution that doesn’t try to prevent child abuse, but accepts it as normal.

The resulting video was one of our client’s most successful with over 8 million views. On Facebook alone, it reached 6,657,874 people, received 2.1 million views and had 38,715 reactions, comments and shares. More importantly, it sparked a deep discussion online among the audience with many sharing their personal stories of abuse and violent discipline in the comments. Our client’s microsite, which featured the video, saw a 2,500% increase in traffic. There were 161,248 unique page views with an average time on the page of 3:02 mins which is 56.8% higher than the global website average. We not only helped raise awareness, but we motivated people to learn more and start discussions.